Basic symptoms of Anal cancer

The anal cancer is often confused with the rectum, the last centimeter of the lower intestine. Rectum eventually ends with anus, where the fecal material leaving the body.

Like other parts of the body, anus exposed to infections and diseases such as anal cancer.

Symptoms of Anal Cancer

The symptoms of anal cancer are not unique and are also symptoms of other diseases such as hemorrhoids. Although the anal cancer is relatively easy to diagnose, it can lead to a delay of diagnosis for people with anal cancer.

Symptoms of anal cancer include:

• clogs or bumps near anus
• anal bleeding or bleeding in the stool
• anal discharge
• pain in or around the anus
• itchy feeling around the anus or
• change in bowel habits such as constipation, diarrhea, and thinning of relief
• What if you Anal Cancer Symptoms

If you have symptoms of anal cancer, see your doctor soon. It is common for some to visit the doctor because they feel embarrassed by anal symptoms or are afraid to be examined in a private room. Do not let these feelings that you examined by a doctor. Fortunately, anal cancer can be detected early if the patient is seeking care at the beginning of symptoms.



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