vitamin B17 is work to fight cancer

For several years, there are discussions on the effects of vitamin B17 to cancer patients. All research done on vitamin B17 was banned in 1977, but before the ban was found that a form of cyanide in our bodies. But all this affects cancer cyanide. The reason is that this vitamin also another enzyme that protects non-cancer cells and eliminates cyanide compounds effects on healthy cells in our body. If this is true, it would mean that vitamin supplements are the only natural cancer prevention. FDA, however, disputed these claims and believes that giving false hope for cancer patients. It is illegal in the U.S. to require vitamins, but there are many ways to the many benefits in the body.

Sources of vitamin B17

Many foods are rich in vitamin B17 and can be daily. Some of these include apricot seeds, spinach, watercress, alfalfa sprouts and bamboo. One or two tablets of 100 mg are sufficient for your daily dose. Although you can buy these, if they are not as common as they once were. Although there are some vitamin supplements on the market, most people prefer to have their food. This is also recommended by most doctors. Many believe that the best source of vitamin B17 is apricot seeds. The recommended dose is to eat 7-10 apricots per day, but not in a meeting. Make sure there is at least an hour between each part. You can tear seeds and bedding them in other foods such as soups, salads, cereals or potatoes. Another option is to chew them, pulp and swallow them. Try not to swallow them whole. Another option you Vitamin B17 are to eat three Apple a day (seeds and all). It believes that a seed to three apples enough Vitamin for your system.

Powers of Vitamin B17 Supplements

Maintaining a diet helps your body to fight cancer cells. Whether you take supplements or not, the vitamin B17 that you used in the food you eat will continue to get rid of cancer cells in the body. The Chinese have long believed in the powers of Vitamin and use those vitamins rich food for the treatment of tumors. They are doing this for years.

Many people would like you to believe that if you started consuming high doses of vitamins or food supplements, you will suddenly be cured of a cancer. This is not the case. So far, there is still, unfortunately, is not a cure for cancer. But if you eat a diet rich in vitamins, are you a big step towards helping the body to prevent cancer cells from invading your system.



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