You probably thinking why that gold is so expensive and price is so stable. One of the most common reasons is just because good investment and in fact use in many different industries including the medical field. Gold is used in many different applications in the medical world, but perhaps the most promising is the use of gold for anti-cancer treatment. Radioactive gold has traditionally been used for the treatment of cancer many years ago; this is not a widely known fact. Many studies are to test the use of gold in the anti-cancer treatments because of its great qualities that makes it so unique metal. There are many current medical use of gold in the anti-cancer treatments and much more to be explored and developed on a daily basis.

Gold is not only use for jewelry, there is a hope that it will use as anti cancer.

The most common use of gold in relation to medicine is in prostate cancer. Small grains of gold on the amount of rice used to determine the position of the prostate during treatment, so that the correct dose can be administered in a more precise location, a more focused effort and fewer adverse effects on the rest of the body. Gold is the most common metal for the procedure and treatment, since it is very dense and seems impervious to X-rays.

The use of platinum in the form of a drug called cisplatin has been documented in cancer treatment and research. But still many strong side effects, why the use of gold is so popular in this area. Gold is a great interest in recent decades because of the different characteristics that make it desirable. There are studies under way in Singapore, which patented the use of gold complexes for drug treatments. The group participating in this research have discovered that gold complexes supported by phosphine often large anti-tumor activity, the clinical trials to be speculated about in the near future.

Many times the use of gold nanoparticles are practiced because they collect in a cancer tumor, so the drug and radiation to be delivered directly to where the need is attached to the nanoparticles and deliver it in the body. This will prevent the treatment of healthy tissue that is too often lost and destroyed in the current treatments for cancer.
Gold is biocompatible, making it ideal for the use of anti-cancer treatment. There are many more studies on the world to test the potential applications of gold for the treatment and prevention of cancer, and since this is a compatible and versatile metal, will probably be proven successful in many cases. It is likely that within the next ten years will see a tremendous development and progress of modern medicine and treatment of cancer as a result of the use of gold.

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