Throat Cancer Symptoms

In the search for throat cancer symptoms, one of the things you have in mind, hoarseness or sore throat that does not heal within two weeks. Or an unexplained cough that refuses to disappear. Along with this may be neck pain and swelling in the neck region. Difficulty swallowing and coughing blood may also be a problem, which in turn can lead to unintentional weight loss. Abnormally high SHRILL breathing sounds in May, in the end a problem.

What few people know is that cervical cancer can actually be either head and neck cancer or oesophageal cancer. Head and neck cancer is in upper aerodigestive airways, such as lips, oral cavity, nasal swabs, throat and larynx. Oesophageal cancer, on the other hand, derives its name from its unique position, the esophagus.

The Symptoms of Throat CancerThe Symptoms of Throat Cancer

When diagnosed with throat cancer symptoms, your doctor may ask a series of tests to see. The fact is that a number of symptoms caused by other factors that may not be so serious. A laryngoscopy, the first of this kind of a test is made by examining the neck using a tube with a small camera mounted lighting. A cranial CT scan and / or a cranial MRI are the next in line. This follow-up tests to determine if cancer has spread to lymph nodes in the neck.

Sometimes a biopsy can be done to diagnose cervical cancer symptoms. Here is a small piece of tissue from which it is assumed that the cancer is removed and run through microscopic examination. This will help determine exactly what type of cervical cancer is treated and where it came from.

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