From now, its better to always control starting from the smallest thing, like what you eat and drink and how active you are. This summary is telling you how to reduce the risk of breast cancer.

According to result of a recent study focusing on dietary fat and breast cancer risk, the result said that every woman who reduces their fat or consuming low fat food could minimize the risk of breast cancer. I believe that is this will be good news especially for women, since we all know that breast cancer is the most deathly disease in the world. Beside that it also minimizes the risk of other disease like diabetes, cardiovascular disease and also stroke.

Also it will help you to mange a healthy weight. In order to protect the benefit of this low-fat diet, reducing fat intake of less than 35 percent of your calories on a daily basis and limit foods high in saturated fat.

In April 1998, the National Cancer Institute warned that a high-risk women who took tamoxifen on breast cancer risk by 45 percent. Tamoxifen reduces the result of estrogen, the main fuel for it development, by blocking the estrogen receptor is the most important principle of preventive diet of the disease.

For several of very high risk women, breast cancer prevention pill will be a good assessment of the appropriate age. But for most women the prevention the food to the benefits of medicines but none of the risks of blood clots and uterine cancer.

The nutrients in the diet to prevent breast cancer have been shown to prevent many other diseases of the heart attack and stroke with other major cancer, diabetes and obesity also. You just better your health.

"Stop consuming junk food like burger or any kind of food that processed using oil"

The Breast Cancer Prevention Diet, Dr. Bob Arnot has synthesized this research in an eating plan that allows women to fight back. Designed for women, the diet contains important information that will be tailored to your specific needs, including plans for women with high estrogen, which are therefore at a higher risk, postmenopausal women with lower estrogen levels, breast cancer survivors, women with family history and young women want to.

The breast cancer prevention diet is right for important preventive measures, but not secondary prevention rather than detection of tumors in their earliest stages. This suggests that self-examination and mammography is still an important role to remove the risk of dying of breast cancer.



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