The disease is considered one of the most serious, because it has thousands of lives in the U.S. alone per year. While scary, this should be enough of a reason to warn themselves in terms of evidence of stomach cancer symptoms. It is the second most common type carefully behind zeros lungs race.

Most symptoms are actually very similar to that of a hiatal hernia or ulcer. It can start with only abdominal pain aggravated by food, together with heartburn, indigestion and nausea. Sure, by now, most of these symptoms can be easily dismissed, and sometimes may be overcome by a fruit salt. The only bad news is that this type of reaction leading to the postponement of a routine check, and the tumor to chaos.

A loss of appetite or feeling full even after a small meal can also be placed in the stomach symptoms. Besides this can upper abdominal pain, weight loss, and the actual bloating in the stomach after meals. In more extreme cases, vomiting of blood and blood in stool may also occur. This is often not the rich red color of fresh blood, but dark blood. If left in a certain time, this can lead to anemia.

Although some of these symptoms can also be symptoms of a stomach virus or stomach ulcer, if you even the slightest feeling that the cancer can go to your doctor. This requires an examination of both a gastroenterologist and an oncologist.

The risk of acquiring these stomach symptoms are significantly higher when things such as age start to factor in. This disease is more common in people close to the age sextioo. Men and women can also record that men are more likely to develop it than women. A diet consisting mainly of salty foods prepared by smoking or curing is also something to take off. Smoking can also lead to it because every time you breathe, you finally swallow a small amount of smoke.

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