The symptoms of Prostate Cancer

Self Detect Prostate Cancer by knowing the right symptoms

Prostate cancer is now become one the most disease that men always worried. Some of them regularly meet the doctor just to make sure that he is free from prostate cancer. Since the cause of this disease cannot exactly predict, then the best way we can do is how to prevent and or to fight it.

There are more than 15% of men affected by prostate cancer, and most of them didn’t know about the risk factor associated with the permit. Actually we could prevent the disease from the beginning just like healthy diet, maintain weight, routine exercise and activities controlled.
For the rest that are unaware, know the signs. There are 13 possible symptoms that indicate you have prostate problems and you don't have to get those symptoms to start with prevention.

Knowing it symptom early is the best way to prevent, you have to understand it and read a lot related article yourself on the internet, book or anything. Here is the list of possibilities related to prostate cancer, if you feel one of them match, soon meet your doctor:

1. You have a burning sensation when urinating
2. You wake up all night due to the constant need to urinate at night
3. You have trouble with a weak urine flow
4. You feel your bladder is not completely empty
5. You get a pain, hesitancy or urgency to urinate
6. You get blood in your urine
7. You experience lower back pain
8. You can't feel comfortable on a chair
9. You get pain in the testicles groin or penis
10. You feel pain during sex
11. You have a constant itchy feeling in your penis
12. You need the blue pill to get an erection or impotence
13. You sex drive at zero

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