The simply explanation of Leukemia is white blood cancer. It character is an abnormal proliferation in the blood cells, commonly only in white blood.

Leukemia leads to a decrease in white blood cells in the body's system. Leukemia can be treated by ensuring that the body increases the white blood cell count. Leukemia can be treated simply by using the same methods used for the treatment of cancer.

Chemotherapy is one such way, but this may require too much time. The fact is that treatment with this method, a minimum period of two years. Another way to treat the disease is by determining the bone marrow problems. This method is expensive and is done in a very limited number of countries, since the use of advanced instruments and experienced doctors.

Replacement of the infected bone marrow with healthy is what it means. A radiation therapy is also recommended but this must go hand in hand with chemotherapy. Radiation does give doses of x-ray a couple of months.

In cases where there is overproduction of white blood cells, some blood infections. This can lead to blood diseases, and therefore become necessary for the use of antibiotics to combat the problem.

If leukemia is in early state, a prolongation of survival with active immunotherapy. This is still experimental, as reported by the Leukemia Society of America. Leukemia is a chronic problem and the treatment is not a question of a short time. Patience is essential. Cases of complete eradication of the above methods have been reported in the world.



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