Types of bone cancer

The abnormal growth establish in human bone are called Bone tumor, in medical it often called benign and malignant while probably public known it as bone cancer.

It is very difficult situation when you were diagnosed and suffering from bone cancer or some other form of cancer for that matter. It is only natural to ask many questions. So far, the exact causes of this disease are unknown. However, it is said that it was acceptable. If you are in a time in your life suffered from a fracture and a metal implant is placed in the body to repair the fracture, which can also expose you to bone cancer.

This disease usually affects teenagers and young adults. Cancer cells or the type of cancer is known as the abnormal cancer cells begin to develop. For example, if the cancer metastasizes to the lungs, the disease is not cancer. It remains metastasized bone cancer.

The known symptom of bone tumors is only pain, but many patients experience no symptoms, except for a painless mass. Some bone tumors may weaken the structure of bone, as pathological fractures. There are several types of bone cancer. Below are some of them:

- Sarcoma: This type of cancer arising form osteoid tissue found in bone. It is very common in the knee or the upper arm.

- Ewing's sarcoma: This is named after the surgeon who discovered. It is particularly among men. It affects the thigh bone, knee, thigh and pelvis.

- Chondrosoma: This usually begins in the cartilage cells. But it can also grow in a leg or surface

The main symptom of bone cancer may be excessive pain. However, there may be other symptoms. It is advisable to consult your doctor about the pain at the chance you will with the disease.

Article source: wikipedia.org | ezinearticles.com



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