Prostate cancer is known to affect 15% of all men in their lifetime, yet many people know very little about the risk factors associated with the permit. Unfortunately many of these risks, such as age, nationality and race are unavoidable. But many other factors such as diet, weight and exercise activities that are under your control.

A healthy diet to combat prostate cancer

Many things in the diet has been shown to have an impact on the risk of developing this condition. One thing that is negative in connection with the authorization of calcium. It is believed that men who have a high intake of this mineral are at increased risk, you should be aware that football is a very important mineral for the body and participates in the formation of bone tissue, but should be kept as part of the diet, but not take it also. Other harmful diet products contain red meat and dairy products.

On the positive side to eat tomatoes, fish, fruit and soy products have been shown to reduce the risk of developing cancer. There was also a correlation between the consumption of vitamin E and selenium with a lower risk of developing this condition. A good source of vitamin E is leafy vegetables such as spinach. Selenium found in many marine products. Whole grains contain both selenium and vitamin E and is an important part to play in a battle against prostate cancer diet.

Keep the pounds

at the time the link between obesity and prostate cancer remains unclear. But many studies suggest that if you live a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise routine and keep your weight, reduce your risk of developing this condition.



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