In 2005, cancer affects an estimated 1.4 million people in North America. There are approximately 565,650 Americans die of cancer in 2008 and killed over 1500 people each day, accounting for 1 in 4 deaths. Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the U.S., exceeded only by heart disease, and if current trends continue, it is expected to be the leading cause of death for 2010.

The good news is that early detection, diagnosis and treatment are much better odds. In 1995 more than 50% of cancer patients survived five years or more after diagnosis and treatment. The American Cancer Society estimates that a further 25-30% of all cancer deaths can be prevented with earlier diagnosis and treatment.

What is cancer? Although it is often as a single disease such as lung cancer, bladder cancer, liver cancer, etc., cancer actually consists of more than 100 different diseases all characterized by uncontrolled growth and spread of abnormal cells. Cancer can occur in many parts of the body and behave differently depending on their nature and origin. Cancer is caused by two external factors (tobacco, chemicals, radiation and infectious organisms) and internal factors (inherited mutations, hormones, immune and mutations that occur from metabolism). And often acquire ten years or more of exposure to external factors and detectable cancer.

Cancer is characterized by uncontrolled cell division and cell death caused by the cumulative damage of important regulatory genes. In general, more genes must be damaged for a tumor to grow and develop the capacity to spread, also known as metastasis. Tumors which seem to go in the family may be hereditary or it may mean the family environment like substances that cause cell damage, such as contaminated water, soil and radiation. A person identified with a particular genetic marker can choose to take preventive measures such as regular medical check-ups, self-tests, and lifestyle changes involving diet and exercise. If your family history shows that some diseases have occurred several times in the past, we must be diligent about regular screening tests for these diseases. Check with your doctor or the local American Cancer Society for more information about cancer screening or assessments.

There are many things we can do to prevent the development of cancer and drinking water of sufficient quantity and quality of water we consume every day has a lot to do with our health. Many studies suggest that there are links between certain cancers and contaminating drinking water here in the U.S. and Canada.

About 70% of their weight is water. It is the same thing that the body needs more. Water is responsible for many body functions. Drink enough clean and fresh water not only improves the general health and fitness, it can also prevent many illnesses, diseases and the development of cancer quantity and quality of drinking water are equally important. Give your body the water quality and deserve a trip you need with the aspect of optimal health and have always wanted.

Article source: | write by : K. Ngo



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