Around 7000 women contract ovarian cancer each year in Britain. Usually develops in older women and rarely affects those who are younger than 40 years. This type of cancer begins the process of cell division in ovarian function and the cells begin to multiply rapidly and uncontrollably, leading to the formation of a cancer tumor. It is not known exactly what causes this tumor growth, but there are a number of risk factors associated with cancer and ovarian cancer. This article discusses these four.

ovarian cancerovarian cancer

1) ETA: - ovarian cancer is very rare in women who are under 40 years. It is mainly women who are 50 years and over half of all diagnoses made by women who are aged 63 and over. Do not know why this type of cancer is more common in older women, but one of the most popular suggestions is that the older we often our cells are copied. Other cell replicates means more opportunities to go wrong, and therefore are more likely cancerous growth.

2) Endometriosis - This is a condition where cells that normally line the uterus are made in other parts of the body. Endometriosis can affect the bladder, bowel and ovaries. Since endometriosis is believed to increase your chances of contracting ovarian cancer, even if you do not know why.

3) FAMILY: - Your family may influence the risk of ovarian cancer in two ways. First, there are two inherited genes (BRCA 1 and BRCA-2) that are designed to increase your chances "in this condition in both developing countries and developed breast cancer. Have gone from one or both genes with your parents can make it more likely that contract the disease, second, with close relatives, as a mother, sister or daughter with this type of cancer makes you more prone to develop for.

4) Number of eggs released - When a woman ovulates (releases an egg into the reproductive system), the surface of the ovaries break the eggs so that they can finish. This breaks then repaired by the normal process of cell division. The more eggs you release several times, these cracks must be repaired, thereby increasing the chances that the process of cell division and causes dysfunction malignant (cancer) growth. It is women who start their periods at a young age, or enter menopause later than usual, have a greater chance of contracting ovarian cancer.

Most risk factors for ovarian cancer cannot be controlled. But if after reading this information you think you are at high risk for this type of cancer then consult your doctor. They will be able to test whether this condition and, if necessary, provide treatment. Ovarian cancer is treatable and survival rates are much higher if caught in early stages, so if you have any doubt goes see now.

At the same time, the intention was to make this article accurate and informative; it is intended for general information. Ovarian cancer is a very serious, life-threatening condition and you should discuss any problems, treatments or lifestyle changes fully with your doctor.



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