Treatments for colon cancer offer more options that you might think. You may feel overwhelmed by fear and now on your future, but you can educate yourself and take control of part of both treatment and your life.

Chemotherapy, surgery and radiation are not only treatment for cancer of the colon. You can find out how much, not to say more about your condition to your oncologist. There is some basic information needed to begin.

All conventional cancer treatment and is controlled by funds from pharmaceutical companies and investments. Competition is hampered by various organizations with financial interest in the treatment of cancer. This is well documented in various publications, if you care to do some research.

Before his death, the typical cancer patient generates many thousands of dollars in profit for cancer drugs and treatment of suppliers.

It is rare for oncologists advise their patients on a dozen topics available and affordable actually counter the effects of radiation and chemotherapy. Some Medical Colleges are teaching the doctors of medicine and surgery, therefore not surprising that many doctors simply do not know the options. Some doctors have also been closed psychiatric treatments beyond their traditional training.

But the survey of 64 oncologists on staff McGill Cancer Therapy Center in Montreal, found that 91% are not patients or relatives of chemotherapy for the treatment of cancer, because it is toxic and ineffective. But 75% of cancer patients are regularly given conventional chemotherapy, as part of treatment.

There are hundreds of natural, gentle and effective treatment for cancer, which used thousands recover their help, but because they cannot be patented by pharmaceutical companies, with no advertising.

While only 3% of patients with metastatic cancer survive long term when treated with chemotherapy, some "alternative" substances are long-term survival of 50-70%, when used alone, while alternatives to substances used in combination increased survival rates of 90% or higher.

Thousands have recovered from cancer revived with the help of mild, non-toxic treatments. The survivors will share their stories, as well as alternative operators who have several times successfully treated for cancer. Decide yourself ... you do not need to hand over your future to others.

Article source: | write by : Jenny Jackson



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