Mesothelioma or cancer of the mesothelium, is caused by contact to asbestos. The disease can take decades to appear, or developed to an extent that can be detected. When it issues, it can takes time for disease to be diagnosed and treated. Why, exactly, is so deadly?

One of the biggest problems with the disease who are taking what appears to be eternal, for those who have been exposed to asbestos, show evidence. The disease tends to be around 20 years of development, but has been known to wait for about 40 years to develop. This means that a person who knows that he or she has been exposed to asbestos wait until May before a test or show anything abnormal or severe.

This long period of inactivity is that people who do not know that they have been exposed to asbestos may ignore early signs and symptoms of the disease and explain them as bronchitis or anything else that goes away with time. This means that when it goes to consult a doctor because they feel terrible and can not breathe so well, that the disease has reached the later stages.

Like all cancers, there is something very important about the capture of early treatment of the disease and get treatment started as soon as possible. When a cancer is detected early and treated early, the chances that it will be cured and the life of the person who saved climb dramatically. The cancer was discovered later in a person, the lowest, usually, his chances of survival are.

Part of this is due to the highly aggressive cancer type. The unregulated growth of cancer cells can rapidly take over. Even worse, cases of cancer of the blood found in the vicinity of large deliveries or other forms of liquid in the body, these cells can become detached from the group and end up halfway between the body and start a new colony.

Since most patients with mesothelioma wait to see a doctor until they have serious problems, resulting in a lower risk and the possibility that there is no hope for treatment. By the time most people go to see doctors, the cancer came to the point that is unusable. Chemotherapy and radiotherapy can do so much to kill cancer.

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