Asbestos test method

If you live in an old house (built before 1980) there is a high probability that you have been exposed to asbestos. Asbestos is a mineral once used as insulation and floor support in homes and places activities until researchers came to the production of the Board and that if inhaled, asbestos can be very hazardous to health cause a variety of health problems including breathing difficulties, asbestosis, and even more serious health problems such as lung cancer and mesothelioma. With proof of a fact that asbestos, you can eliminate the worry of wondering if there is no expose yourself or your family to this harmful chemical.

Asbestos testAsbestos test

There are several ways you can test your house to see if there is ongoing or a family exposed to asbestos. You can contact a company that specializes in collecting, cleaning and removal of asbestos. If you choose to go with one of these companies, to ensure that they are bound and licensed and have a referral list so that you are going with a company that puts its customers' health and safety in the first floor.

If you know the task, you can also test for exposure to asbestos with a do-it-yourself kit. You can get them from several sources. Many of them are mail-in tests that will give all the necessary background information is necessary for the testing of asbestos. You begin testing for asbestos using the proper respiratory protection as a mask and body suit (to ensure that all hair, even in the face) is not easy because the asbestos is exposed to the hair, the risk of further exposure.

Wear suitable gloves, full wet test you should take a spray bottle to eliminate the risk of any part of the insulation will go on board. Make sure you have all levels of the floor or wall to secure the collection of all traces of asbestos. Place the sample in a sealed bag and sent to the right place. These tests are usually run about $ 30 and you will get results in just two weeks.



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