Can not be denied that breast cancer is one of the biggest bugbear for the women in the world. Every woman has the same risk of disease, old age, even a young age still go to breast cancer.

Breast cancer is one in ten women suffer from cancer in the world. The risk of this disease is higher as you get older. Unlike other cancers, however, early detection of symptoms of breast cancer is easier.

It is always important arm with the right knowledge. To protect yourself, be aware if you experience any of these early symptoms of breast cancer:

1) the tenderness in the breasts

Most women experience breast tenderness during their monthly cycle; it is natural for the remainder of its regular agenda. If you have to raise the issue, perhaps it is time for a mammogram.

2) Unusual lump in the breast

one of the most common early symptoms of breast cancer is the presence of an unusual lump in the breast. Women have learned to give them a self-examination of the breasts, to feel for any impact on the breast or armpit. This lump can be benign or malignant. However, it is not a good idea to take a risk. Occurred immediately.

3) Discharge from the nipple

during the early stages of breast cancer, you may notice a strange out of the nipple. This may be bloody, yellow or green. Whatever the color may be, it is important that you go see a doctor once. Breast cancer can progress very rapidly, so the earlier you see a doctor, the better.

4) Swelling of the breast

Like breast tenderness, something like this can occur naturally in women during the days her cycle. This is one reason why doctors encourage the use of a monthly self-breast examinations. In this way you will be able to see how much of a difference in your breast size and have a check-up immediately if you notice any of the early symptoms of breast cancer.

5) Change in Texture

Do monthly self-exams also help to identify a change in the texture of your breasts. Was looking for redness of the skin to skin or dimpling is. Be very sensitive to the withdrawal of the nipple or the presence of an orange peau'd. Peau'd An orange refers to a breast similar to skin an orange.

If there is anything wrong, your body tells you in the form of symptoms. So do not take these early symptoms of breast cancer for granted.

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